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Gosh! Best of 2022

Or more accurately Adventuregame Comics Vol 01 Leviathan, in which you, the reader, explore a medieval coastal village in order to find some way of defeating the mysterious sea creature that terrorizes the townsfolk. Jason Shiga is not new to narrative trickery in his comics. His last, Meanwhile, was a brilliant exercise in interactive narrative. He follows a similar path with Leviathan, the first of a series of choose-your-own-adventure style stories that almost have the feel of a classic Lucasarts adventure game. This time around he's utilised a few new tricks, but still never breaking the immersion, and he's also pitched a bit younger. Those familiar with Shiga need no encouragement, but those who aren't: now's your chance. 

Make choices to defeat a mysterious sea monster in the first of a new series of innovative, interactive graphic novels from the award-winning creator of MeanwhileAdventuregame Comics is a new series of interactive graphic novels in the vein of Jason Shiga's hit graphic novel Meanwhile. Readers follow the story from panel to panel using tubes that connect them, and sometimes the path will split, giving readers the chance to choose how the story unfolds. Leviathan is set in a medieval coastal village, where residents live in fear of a giant sea creature. Your goal as a reader is simple: defeat the Leviathan! As you wander through the open world, the town's backstory is revealed. You can attempt to visit the library to try and learn why the Leviathan destroyed it years ago. You can stop by the castle to discover the town was once riddled with crime and theft-and how that's stopped as the Leviathan will wreak havoc on the town for the smallest misdeeds. If you're lucky, you may find your way to the old wizard who may possess the one thing that could keep the Leviathan at bay. But not everything is as it appears in this village. Can you discover the secrets and stop the Leviathan before it's too late?