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During the six years necessary for the composition of the Toxic trilogy, Charles Burns developed a strange universe around his three works. Unpublished pages, fictitious comic book covers, photographs, imaginary manga pages, or even the invention of an unusual alphabet accentuate the relief of this story which does not leave its readers unscathed.

Inspired by the imagery of the rose water comics of the fifties, Charles Burns decided to appropriate this pop aesthetic to create more than a hundred illustrations. The association of these romantic representations with the mysterious and organic universe of the author of Toxic is striking.

Here, the garish colors disappear to give way to square images in sharp black and white. The theatrical dimension of these graphic re-readings and the perfectly mastered play of chiaroscuro produce a feeling of anguish and strangeness, around which a dislocated narrative is gradually built. Born from off-cameras, ellipses and intertwined visual references, an inexpressible story unfolds page after page, offering the reader a unique journey to the land of intranquillity.


Moving between dream and reality, Love nest once again attests to Charles Burns' talent for producing unique images of haunting beauty. This completely new book, created especially for Cornelius and offered as a world exclusive, will delight its many fans!