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A mistaken identity noir set during the early days of Filipino migration to the California grape fields. The year is 1929 and Bobot is just another immigrant worker in rural California. Or rather an immigrant worker with a law degree back home in the Philippines but reduced to manual labor in his newly adopted country. Bobot, like so many other young Filipinos, finds himself bunking in the fields picking grapes by day. When Bobot discovers that a cousin has spotted his wife in nearby San Francisco, he swipes a co-worker's favorite nightclub suit and heads to the big city to find her. What follows is a classic noir with seedy dives, mouthy pool sharks, and sexual obsession. Rina Ayuyang indulges her passion with old Hollywood stars and elaborate MGM musicals while exploring her immigrant roots in a playful and mysterious drama creating something she never saw but always had hoped for a classic story featuring people who looked like her. The Man in the McIntosh Suit, is a gripping, romantic and psychological exploration into the lives of a group of people, trying to follow the American dream while navigating through societal constraints, heightened by racial hostility and spurred by the coming Great Depression.