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Mayor Good Boy is impossible not to love – it almost made it onto the Best Of list for brilliance of title alone. Luckily, it’s not all style over substance, and Mayor Good Boy lives up to its genius title. The town of Greenwood has just voted a dog in as the mayor, but there’s no need to worry – he’s a very good boy! After they avert disaster at his acceptance speech, Mayor Good Boy enlists siblings Abby and Aaron to help him assist the local community, and keep his nap-loving, cheesed-obsessed tendencies at bay. Together they work to prove that Mayor Good Boy is the right dog for the job, despite his vocal opposition. From escaped zoo animals, children stuck in trees, and a massive flea infestation, Mayor Good Boy is concerned with helping others, all while stressing the importance of activism and local government. Unbelievably charming and ridiculously funny, this one you’ll find yourself chuckling at even when the kids are away.