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When something’s been in production for 35 years it’s always surprising when it’s finished, or released. It’s especially surprising when it’s as much of a triumph as Monsters has ended up being. You’ll perhaps know Barry Windsor-Smith for his ground-breaking early work on the Marvel Conan comics, or from his seminal work writing, drawing and inking the classic Wolverine origin story “Weapon X”. But since the early 2000s he’s been working solidly on this magnum opus, which originated as a 23 page Hulk story in the 90s, but has evolved into something else entirely. To get the obvious out of the way first, Monsters features possibly the best inked artwork we’ve seen from the artist so far, every page an horrific joy to wander through. Windsor-Smith takes us through decades’ worth of his characters lives, tracing the lines of generational trauma in one family through global, local and familial conflicts while carrying us through an impeccably realised gothic-horror. Not to be missed.