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Gosh! Best Of 2022

Forget babysitting: dogsitting is where it's at in the first volume of Michelle Assarasakorn and Nathan Fairbairn's new series. Three animal-loving friends who each for various reasons can't own pets decide to start a dog-walking business. As you might imagine, things turn out a little tougher that expected and some interpersonal drama ensues, and the girls do a little growing up over the course of the book. Now, it's pretty obvious to say that this book isn't exactly breaking the mold here, but it's all done so well, with so much charm, that kids are going to absolutely love it. Determined, problem-solving girls? Cute dogs? How can it lose! Oh...and the name of their business, PAWS? Pretty Awesome WalkerS. Heh, nice one.

Meet best friends Gabby Jordan, Priya Gupta, and Mindy Kim. They're different in just about every way-personalities, hobbies, family, and more-but they have a few important things in common: they're all in the same class, they absolutely love animals, and for reasons that are as varied as the trio themselves none of them can actually have any pets. Unable to resist the adorable temptation any longer, the girls decide to come up with a way to finally get their hands on some furry friends. And, as luck would have it, it seems like their neighborhood is in need of some afterschool dog-walkers. So, just like that, PAWS is born!


But it turns out that running a business is harder than it looks, especially with three co-owners who are such different people. The girls soon argue about everything, from how to prioritize their commitments to the best way to keep their doggy clients happy. And when their fighting ultimately leads to a doggo crisis, will it tear their business and friendship apart or will they be able to get it together to save the day?