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Gosh! Best Of 2022

A fictional account of the life of Alison Porter, an artist who as a young woman upends her life in Dorset to pursue matters or art and heart in 70s London, told in retrospect. Lizzy Stewart blends elements of diary like prose, scrapbook and comic narrative in a compelling decades spanning character study addressing the struggle for independence and fulfilment. Pages heavy in blocks of text never betray the form, instead working alongside silent panels exploring locations and friendships and the blend of word and pictures we all love comics for. Elegant, profound and authentic, hand it to someone without telling them it’s fiction and I guarantee they’ll be googling where to find the real exhibitions of this invented art scene before long.


Alison is newly married, barely twenty and struggling to find her place in the world.A chance encounter with an older artist upturns her life and she forsakes convention and her working-class Dorset roots for the thrumming art scene of London in the late seventies.

As the thrill of bohemian romance leads inevitably to disappointment, Alison begins to find her own path - through art, friendship and love.