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When the A.I. grey goo scavengers of the Andromeda Galaxy are sifting through the smouldering remnants of our civilization in the not-as-distant-as-we-might-like-to-hope future, they will have a 100% accurate depiction of the year 2020 when they excavate a copy of CRISIS ZONE. The year that Covid came; the year late stage capitalism was tested and failed; the year David Choe died and came back as ghost; the year Dracula Jr lost his son; the year Mogg got a Carrot Top tattoo; the year Owl’s paedophilic tendencies were uncovered, and so, so much more. Originally serialized on Instagram and taking a break from the Megg, Mogg and Owl-iverse regular continuity, Hanselmann’s standalone pandemic odyssey is searing, funny, transgressive, warm and smart, filled with never before seen panels and extras. Relive the year everyone wants to forget with this entirely necessary inclusion to the Gosh! best of 2021 list. 
Still comes with the 2022 Crisis Zone Calendar while we've got them in stock!