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The Badger is bundled! Yes, at last we have an omnibus edition of Bryan Talbot's ace anthropomorphic adventure series Grandville. So what better way to celebrate than an all-new signed bookplate to go with it, limited to just 100 copies!

Bryan is one of the grandees of British comics, and Grandville has been an exciting chapter is his career. A series of fun, exciting and even quite moving adventure stories starring Detective Inspector Archibald LeBrock battling against corruption and conspiracy in a steampunk world of anthropomorphic characters.

Publisher Jonathan Cape says:

"The acclaimed steampunk series from graphic-novel pioneer Bryan Talbot explores an alternate art-nouveau world populated by intelligent animals, a human underclass, and wondrous technology. Within this rich fantastical milieu, the relentless Detective-Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard pursues shadowy death squads, psychotic killers, dark political conspiracies, ruthless crime lords, and bloodthirsty cults through the streets of London and the center of the greatest empire on earth, the Belle Epoque Paris known as Grandville. Grandville L'Integrale collects all five Grandville novels in one deluxe hardcover volume accompanied by voluminous author notes never before in print."

Bryan has supplied us with an iconic image of Le Brock for an A5 bookplate, signed and limited to an edition of 100.