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Easily one of the greatest works of horror in the last decade and universally hailed as one of Moore’s most realized, final comic works, the master scribe has command of every iota of story and presentation, clinically and evocatively given life by Burrow’s immaculate line. The result has been a masterpiece like no other, playing with the genre comics form to devastating and disturbing effect, melding Moore’s magikal thinking with Lovecraft’s timeless cosmic terror. Unparalleled in tone and content, this is a true must for fans of Lovecraft, Moore and the macabre. 

The series is set in 1919 and centres on Robert Black, a gay writer, initially working in New York as a reporter for the New York Herald. Black takes a leave of absence from his journalism career, with the intention of writing a Great American Novel using "the “Outsiders”, perhaps “occult Outsiders”—whom he is on the trail of across New England—as a metaphor for social outsiders.

The series proceeds to give us a tour of the Lovecraft Canon, the denizens therein and new, unimaginable, horrors  who leave the reader with a feeling of  extreme unease before reaching its apocalyptic conclusion”