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Gosh! Best Of 2022

Up and coming creator Jade Armstrong hits the ground running with their debut graphic novel, the story of a girl who so desperately wants to meet her favourite author that she decides to join the school band (it's complicated). It can't be THAT hard to learn the trombone, right? Funny, charming, and by it's end, a wonderfully empathetic story about finding your place and - tah-dum! - the power of friendship! Effortlessly joyous. 

When Scout learns that her favourite author is going to be doing an exclusive autograph session at the end of the year, she's determined to be there! She officially needs a plan … and when she finds out that her school's band is heading to the same location for their annual trip, an idea takes begins to take shape. Being a band kid can't be that hard, right? As it turns out…learning how to play an instrument when you can't even read music is much, much, MUCH tougher than expected. And it's even harder for Scout when the friends she has already aren't on board with her new hobby. Will she be able to master the trombone-make new band friends-and still get to her favourite author's book signing? Tackling everything seems like a challenge for a supergenius superfriend supermusician-and she's just Scout.