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“The humans are gone, the sun is rarely seen, and a cold, dark rain befouls everything it touches.” That’s the opening line of the publisher’s marketing material for this superb adventure from writer and artist Mac Smith. In the wake of an unknown apocalypse, we follow a tribe of house mice who are barely surviving on the fast-dwindling human scraps left in the houses nearby. A small, brave group decides to venture further afield after rumours of a crashed food truck reach the colony. But they emerge into a world where the animal kingdom has begun to reorganise in a world without humans, and not necessarily in ways that are beneficial to tiny mice. Smith has created an exciting, sometimes pretty brutal world for his mice to brave, and his art is something to behold, a lush depiction of post-human wreckage, and the little (and not so little) creatures within it. Do be warned though: might be a bit grim for the very little ones. Not quite “Watership Down” grim, but death and peril abound, so aim for the older end of that 8-12 bracket.