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Captain Paul Watson wrote and introduction for the book, and was very supportive of it.


As the founder of Sea Shepherd I am proud of the fact that Sea Shepherd has evolved into a global movement under the direction of so many people from so many different nationalities. Blur strategy of aggressive non-violence has been highly successful for over four decades without causing a single injury.

Sean has done an amazing job of summarising Sea Shepherd campaigns and it is my hope that his art will inspire many young people to become activists for animals  for the Ocean and for the Planet.

Being a successful activist means harnessing your passion to the virtues of courage and imagination and using your abilities, experience and skills to make a difference.

The most powerful weapons in the world for shaping public opinion and changing the world are cameras, pens, pencils, paint brushes and the ability to speak passionately in defense of the planet. Sean Azzopardi is an artist activist practicing the art of saving the Ocean. He has captured the Sea Shepherd story in a concise, entertaining and informative narrative in a way that young people can relate to.