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One of our Gosh! Best of 2017 titles! Seven to Eternity reads like the love child of John Sturgesƒ‚‚’ The Magnificent Seven and Hayao Miyazakiƒ‚‚’s Princess Mononoke. A near-perfect mixture of frontier western adventure and ethereal supernatural fantasy elements. The art team of Jerome Opeƒƒ‚±a and Matt Hollingsworth capture that tone wonderfully as they craft a world that feels grim and grounded whilst simultaneously grandiose and fantastical, from evocative and atmospheric wastelands to the intricate architectural presentation of ancient and mythical civilisations. The duoƒ‚‚’s emotive character work is the ideal accompaniment to writer Rick Remenderƒ‚‚’s honest, frank and emotionally raw cast of characters. Fallen in love with Saga? Desperate for the next volume of ODY-C? Then you need to read this.