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Gosh! Best of 2022

Geisel Award-winner Corey R. Tabor tries his hand at comics and succeeds admirably with this charming new series about an heroic Ladybug (that's Ladybird over this side of the Atlantic) who, with assistance of a poetry-spouting pill bug and a faithful snail, helps his meadowland neighbours to overcome grave perils such as....a hungry chick. Using brains instead of brawn, Sir Ladybug and his pals might not be the heroes we want, but they're certainly the heroes we (and young nature-loving comics readers) need. And they're pretty damn funny to boot.

From Caldecott Honoree and two-time Geisel Award-winning author-illustrator Corey R. Tabor, this is a fresh and funny young graphic novel series sure to delight readers. Perfect for fans of Catwad, Bird & Squirrel, and Narwhal & Jelly.

Ladies and gentlebugs, presenting the duke of the dandelion patch, champion of truth and justice, the one, the only--Sir Ladybug!

Sir Ladybug never shies away from a quest, even when he'd rather be playing a video game or baking a cake. So when a caterpillar needs rescuing from a "monster" (a hungry chickadee), Sir Ladybug and his trusty friends--his herald, a roly-poly named Pell, and his squire, a snail named Sterling--hatch the perfect (delicious) plan.

This is the first in a new graphic novel series for newly independent readers, following the adventures of a ladybug knight and his pals in the dandelion patch.

Woven seamlessly into this funny and surprising story are the themes of friendship, bravery, teamwork, creative thinking, and helping others. With warmth and heart, surprising and delightful asides, and memorable cast of characters, this new series will appeal to avid and reluctant readers alike.