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Kat Leyh, the current co-writer of Lumberjanes, had a lot to live up to with the release of her debut graphic novel, but with Snapdragon she’s surpassed any expectations. Following the oddball and outsider Snap as she confronts and befriends a witch living in the forest, Snapdragon brings together a wonderful cast of characters, magical world and rich, engaging narrative. Leyh's ability to keep this world grounded is remarkable, as Snapdragon never becomes too focused on the magical side of magical realism. It’s a delight also to see a form of magic that is truly gross, full of dead animals and bones, and Snap’s relishing of this makes witchcraft all the more exciting. The supporting cast are also brilliant, from the grumpy-but-lovable witch Jacks, and Snap’s overworked but loving mother to her best friend Lulu. Snapdragon is one you don’t want to miss!