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Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham hits the PIG
time... in Hollywood!
Legendary director Alfred Peacock has acquired the rights to bring
Spider-Ham's spectacular story to the silver screen. There's
only one, itsy-bitsy problem: Spider-Ham didn't sell those rights,
and Peacock is getting the origin all wrong and making our hero
out to be a monstrous menace!

Once he catches wind of the perilous production, Peter Porker
uses his Daily Beagle connections to secure on-set credentials, where
he not so subtly tries to improve the film's depiction of his
alter ego and fix all the 'continuity errors'. Now,
Spider-Ham must face down an army of ninja
production assistants and some truly shoddy CGI to prevent
this box-office bomb from blowing up his reputation!

Will everyone's favorite pig clear his name? Or is this porky
protector headed for the cutting room floor?

Who knows? You'll have to read to find out! But one thing's for
sure - Hollywood May-Ham! is an action-packed, hilarious
adventure perfect for younger readers.