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Fan-favourite creators spin an anthology of tales from across the Spider-Verse, starring beloved heroes and new sensations! Traverse the many edges of the Spider-Verse, with a veritable swarm of Spiders familiar, fresh and flabbergasting! As the vicious Morlun targets wallcrawlers across all realities, Spider-Man Noir returns, Gwen Stacy is Earth-65's Spider-Woman and Peni Parker dons the sensational mech-suit known as SP//dr! When the end of the Spider-Verse looms, Spider-Ham and Ara¨a head into action, the legacy of Spider-UK passes to a new champion, Sergei Kravinoff becomes the Hunter-Spider and Spinstress is an all-singing, all-slinging princess! Plus: The Spider-Mobile rides again! Spider-Rex faces the Venomsaurus! Billie Morales is all grown up as Spider-Smasher! Make way for Spider-Boy, the forgotten sidekick! Who is Headline? And even more amazing arachnid adventurers! Collecting: Edge of Spider-Verse (2014) 1-5, Edge of Spider-Verse (2022) 1-5, Edge of Spider-Verse (2023) 1-