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All four savage noir thrillers teaming a master crime novelist and a superlative graphic novelist in a handsome collectible box set. This strikingly designed box set of Streets of Paris, Streets of Murder Volume 1 and Volume 2 contains the complete collection of all four hardboiled crime graphic novels (one of which has never before been collected in English]) by Jean-Patrick Manchette and Jacques Tardi - plus bonus material - in a luxurious oversize format. Volume 1 contains Griffu, a deadly web of sexual betrayal, real estate fraud, and murder; and West Coast Blues, the story of a young sales executive suddenly forced to flee from his comfortable middle-class life and family when he is sucked into a spiral of violence orchestrated by a war criminal and two hired assassins. Volume 2 contains Like a Sniper Lining Up His Shot, the 'last job' of a killer-for-hire who finds himself on the run from the authorities, his treacherous ex-clients, and a crime syndicate seeking revenge; and Run Like Crazy, Run Like Hell, the story of a scam gone horribly, blood-spatteringly wrong and a roller-coaster ride to hell - and a devilishly fun way to get there] In addition, Volume 1 offers a bonus 21-page uncompleted story by Manchette and Tardi as well as a single page introduction to another incomplete story, both appearing in English for the first time. Tardi doesnt shy from the frequently grisly goings-on, and his style infuses Manchettes dark stories with a seething, malevolent energy while maintaining the mordant wit that characterizes his best work. These are the kinds of graphic novels that Quentin Tarantino would love - they're like a double shot of Scotch for any fan of unrelenting, uncompromising crime fiction.