23rd Mar 2021

Gaze into the Fist of Dredd!

Brian Bolland is one of British comics' most influential and successful artists, from his early days in the pages of 2000 AD through to the seminal Batman Killing Joke, and innumerable covers along the way. His work on Judge Dredd helped to define the look of the character for a generation, and of all his work on old Stoneyface, there is one panel that is arguably his most iconic (for both character and artist).

The above image appeared in the Prog 227 during the Judge Death Lives storyline. It's a perfect (and quite literal) punchline of a panel which has impacted for generations across comics, t-shirts, mugs, badges and pretty much anything you can print on, legitimate and otherwise. Around 5 years ago, we worked with Brian and our friends at 2000 AD to produce a gorgeous A2 screen print of the image. Limited to 200 copies, it was an instant sell-out, and we’ve had people clamouring for us to produce a new edition ever since.

Now that call has been answered, and we are happy to announce the arrival of a more petite, A3 version of the Gaze Into the Fist of Dredd screen print! Limited to 200 copies and signed by Brian Bolland, the screen print is printed on 250gsm Gmund Bauhaus stock, and will retail for an absolute bargain at £25 plus shipping. You can purchase this lovely thing on our webstore now, for mail order or collection. If last time was any indication, you don’t want to sleep on this!