Posted by Will on 3rd Feb 2024

Haru Book One: Spring Signing With Joe Latham

We're thrilled to announce we'll be having Joe Latham to the shop to celebrate the release of Haru Book 1: Spring from Andrews McMeel. Joe will be signing here on Saturday 13th April 2024, from 1-2pm.

Joe's breathtaking landscapes and magical illustrations spark a real sense of wonder in this coming-of-age fantasy tale for all ages. Here's what publisher Andrews McMell say about it:

Haru, a small bird who dreams of flying, and their best friend Yama, a talkative boar, are used to being in the shadows. But when Yama finds a strange artifact that causes sinister effects, the two are swept into an epic journey to destroy the artifact and save the world.

In The Valley, best friends Haru and Yama both dream of leaving as they’re bullied at school, frustrated at home, and struggling to figure out who they are. One day, a powerful artifact connects itself to Yama, and they discover that they’ll have to journey to The Beacon in search of answers.

Created by artist Joe Latham, this beautifully illustrated graphic novel series is a coming-of-age tale that spans the changing of seasons. Beginning in spring and ending in spring—the cycle complete. A story of heart, growing up, and the sacrifices we make for those we love, Haru is perfect for middle-grade readers.

Joe will be signing copies of Haru on Saturday 13th April 2024, from 1pm. You can pre-order a signed copy from us for mail-order or collection by clicking the link here.

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