Posted by Will on 13th Feb 2024

Introduction to Charts Signing With Tom Humberstone and Chrissy Williams

Tom Humberstone and Chrissy Williams make their return to Gosh! launching Introduction to Charts, a 28-page risograph printed fusion of poetry and comics. They'll be signing here on Saturday 23rd March 2024, from 1-2pm.

Writer Chrissy and artist Tom continue to furrow a path into poetry comics, previously collaborating on numerous projects together. Tom illustrated the cover for Chrissy's first collection of poetry, Bear, which marked the start of a beautiful creative partnership. The pair went on to create many short form poetry comics together like Wake and First of Many, and even editing a collection showcasing some other artists working in this hybrid medium, Over the Line.

Tom and Chrissy will be signing here at Gosh! on Saturday 23rd March from 1pm, so come catch the two in action and pick up a signed copy of this magnificient piece of art. You can pre-order a signed copy from our website for mail-order or collection by clicking the link here.

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