Posted by Will on 7th Jun 2024

Silk Cotton Signing With Colleen Douglas

We're very excited to welcome the phenomenal London-based comics writer Colleen Douglas to the shop to celebrate the release of her newest book, Silk Cotton! Colleen will be joining us on Wednesday 7th August 2024, from 6-7pm.

Silk Cotton is a breathtaking comic exploring the supernatural in the Caribbean, with art by Jesus C. Gan and colours by Lorenzo Palombo. Here's what publisher, Rosarium, say about it:

Peter has always been told “the stories” like every child in the Caribbean. The tales of the ancients bound to the Silk Cotton tree, the Supernatural monsters of Myths and Legends, whispered in hush tones lest the speaker be heard and meet with an untimely fate. Then the day arrived, when the woman who had been his “mother” is struck down by something that could only have come from his worst nightmares. Now Peter’s once ordered world crashes into stark reality. Grace Silk Cotton, the legendary Supernatural Churlie Queen and enforcer between the worlds, is his real mother. The Monsters are real, Peter is one himself, and the prophetic fight for supremacy, survival, the stories, and SILK COTTON has begun.

You'll be able to catch Colleen Douglas here on Wednesday 7th August, from 6pm. Pre-order a signed copy of Silk Cotton for collection or mail-order here.

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