Posted by Will on 24th Feb 2024

Sloppy Slopes Signing With Frater Walpurgis, Doombag, Mutartis and Jason Atomic

Underground cartoonist and committed purveyor of the occult and uncanny, Frater Walpurgis, has initiated the ancient rites, summoning an unholy cabal to cast the eldritch super sigil that is the Sloppy Slopes comics anthology. Adam’s partners in this sadistic cartooning crime include Doombag, Mutartis and well known satanist artist and bon vivint Jason Atomic, all of whom shall be attending this signing coven on the Thursday 2nd May 2024, from 6-7pm. Come down and mutter the correct incantations as you get your copy of this horrifying comics collection signed by some of the most heinous artistic minds this side of hell itself.

You can pre-order a signed copy from our website for mail-order or collection by clicking the link here.

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