The Gosh! Authority 01.07.20

The Gosh! Authority 01.07.20

Posted by Andrew on 28th Jun 2020

  • Hey folks!

Happily it's a week without any major, earth-shattering announcements (touch wood), so the highlight is the resumption of weekly deliveries which should be here on time this week and out on the shelves at 10.30am on Wednesday!

Of course no good news can currently be announced without some kind of gloomy cloud pulling into view: we're still seeing a lot of irregularities with shipping schedules, particularly DC products. We've been assured that everything will get here eventually, but expect things to be a little wacky in the meantime.

Just a reminder that we are currently open from 10.30am to 5pm, 7 days a week. There are social distancing and santization measures in place and we'd ask you observe them for the safety of staff and other customers.

And lastly, while I should emphasize that we're doing what we can to get through this period and what is likely to follow, we really need your help. If you're aware of a backlog with your standing order, please do consider making the trip into town to collect (the streets and public transport are currently pretty quiet), or arranging a mail order. If you fancy picking up a graphic novel for yourself or as a gift, please consider shopping with us in-store or at And if you have friends who you think might enjoy browsing our thousands of graphic novels and children's books online or in-store, do let them know. These are seriously tough times for independent retail, and if we're to survive it, we need all the help we can get.

But enough of that: how about some comics?


  • NEGAN LIVES #1 - Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard drop their special surprise treat for comic shops: a brand new, only-in-comic-shops Walking Dead story starring everybody's favourite sweary ex-gym teacher! We've had people enquiring about the limited gold and bronze editions, but we won't be taking reservations on those: they'll be priced up and out on the shelf on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • FIRE POWER BY KIRKMAN & SAMNEE TP VOL 01 - Speaking of Kirkman, this week sees the launch of his latest series, along with the ever-amazing Chris Samnee. The martial arts fantasy kicks off with this original graphic novel that serves as a prelude to the main series, and it's a snip at £8.99. Especially when you consider that first issue is then free...

  • FIRE POWER #1 PROMO ED - Yep, originally intended as a Free Comic Book Day offering, Kirkman has decided to release the free first issue of the series regardless. We'll be filing it for all Oblivion Song subs, and there will be copies available on request at the downstairs counter while stocks last (one per customer).

  • GODDAMNED VIRGIN BRIDES #1 (OF 5) -  At long last, a second chapter of Jason Aaron and RM Guera's brutal Biblical epic of the pre-flood times. Not for the squeamish!

  • WEIRN BOOKS GN VOL 01 - Berrybrook High School creator Svetlana Chmakova begins an all new series set in her Nightschool world: a school of spirits, vampires and weirns. I don't know what a weirn is either, but I know Chmakova is quickly becoming one of the biggest middle-grade comics creators around, so this is a bit of an event.

  • ALL-AMERICA COMIX ONE-SHOT - Joe Casey, co-creator of breakout Young Avengers character America Chavez, dusts off an old ideas notebook and teams up with his old Wildcats Version 3.0 collaborator Dustin Nguyen to create the brand new adventures of brand new character America Vasquez!

  • DEVILS HIGHWAY #1 - Ben Percy and Brent Schoonover spin a tale about a woman tracking her father's killer only to discover the man she seeks is part of a network of evil that spans the country. Looks like a grim, gripping thriller from the previews we've seen.

  • ROGUE PLANET #1 - What's Cullen Bunn been doing with his time over lockdown? One can only imagine the tidal wave of titles coming our way now that the one-man horror comics industry has been stuck at home. This one was lined up beforehand though, and it looks pretty promising: a sci-fi horror about a bunch of spacefaring treasure-seekers seeking riches on a planet of terror. 

  • SABRINA SOMETHING WICKED #1 (OF 5) - The teenage witch returns in an all new mini-series by Kelly Thompson and Veronica Fish!

  • SPY ISLAND #1 (OF 4) The Man-Eaters team of Chelsea Cain and Elise McCall bring us a fresh slice of super spy fun on Spy Island, a small tropical paradise at the edge of the Bermuda Triangle filled with various ne'erdowells.

And that'll do it! Drop us a line if you'd like anything reserved, and check out the In Store post for a full list of what we're expecting.