Posted by Paul on 3rd Apr 2024

The Gosh! Authority 04.04.24


Paul here, filling in for Andrew once more whilst he takes a well-earned holiday. Just a reminder that this week's new releases will be delayed due to the bank holiday (hope you had a good one!) Everything will be arriving on Thursday to go out the same day. The upshot of that is we won't have anything out on the shelves first thing, but will hopefully have it all sorted by lunchtime. Please plan your new comics visit accordingly to avoid disappointment!


  • GEIGER #1 - The first of THREE releases this week from the newly minted Ghost Machine imprint at Image, this continues the story you know and love from earlier minis, with Geiger now on the road in a radioactive American and seeking new allies. The real plus here is having Gary Frank still on the art, making it a must-have!

  • REDCOAT #1 - The second of Ghost Machine's releases this week, this has the immortal Redcoat adventuring through history, meeting famous faces along the way. Bryan Hitch is art duties making this another desireable release from the Image imprint!

  • ROOK EXODUS #1 - And the final Ghost Machine release this week also features a superstar artist, namely Jason Fabok! This is a post-apocalyptic, Mad max-esque tale set on distant world. The last time Johns and Fabok got together was for the best-selling Three Jokers, so expect good things from this!

  • BRITANNIA THE GREAT FIRE OF ROME #1 - Peter Milligan is always one to watch so it's pleasing to see him returns to the arena of 'Roman Sherlock Holmes' Antonius Axia as he investigates how the all consuming fire of Rome started. There's some lovely art on this by Alvaro Papagiani, so make sure you check it out.

  • SPIDER-MAN SHADOW OF THE GREEN GOBLIN #1 - We haven't been able to move here at Gosh for Spider-books lately, but this looks to be one of the more interesting ones to hit the shelves, with the big reveal that Norman Osborn WASN'T the OG Green Goblin. Spider-Man is introduced to the Proto-Goblin and this being written by J.M. Demattias and drawn by rising star Michael Sta.Maria makes us pretty sure they won't getting to each other over a coffee... 


  • DEADPOOL #1 - Just in time for that movie that's coming out, Deadpool returns with a brand-new ongoing series of violence and annoyance, facing offagainst a villain that, perhaps rather optimistically, wants to kill him! Cody Ziglar and Rogê Antônio do their best to keep the Merc with a mouth under control!

That's it for this week folks. Catch you next week for more comics!