Posted by Andrew on 4th Jan 2022

The Gosh! Authority 06.01.22

Hello and Happy New Year to you all!

Hope you all had a great holiday period. Just a reminder first that new comics will not be arriving with us until Thursday at some point, probably making it onto the shelves for mid-late afternoon if recent delivery times are anything to go by. Keep an eye on our social media where we'll make some noise once it's out.

With that in mind, it's unlikely we'll be able to deal with any mail order requests for standing orders post-delivery this week. I'm off on Friday, but will be back on Sunday and will deal with any mail-outs then.

I'm operating in the dark a little for this week as I don't have an invoice or a provisional shipping list as yet. As soon as I get the invoice I'll post a list to our blog, but for the time being I'm basing this week's recommends on what shipped in the US last week and what's due to ship this week, assuming we'll see a delivery combining the two. Not all of these might ship this week, but they'll certainly be shipping soon! For a glimpse of what might be, you can check the releases from this week and last week on League of Comic Book Geeks (my go-to resource for quick reference these days).


  • SWAMP THING GREEN HELL #1 - Jeff Lemire teams with Doug Mahnke (what a team!) to tell a post-apocalyptic Black Label Swampy story where humankind's only hope is the supposedly long-deceased Alec Holland. The Green, Red and Rot all agree it's time to wipe out the dwindling human population and start again, unleashing a monster battle that sounds like a glorious use of Doug Mahnke's talent.

  • TIMELESS #1 - A bumper one-shot setting the stage for what's coming up over the next year in the Marvel Universe. Man of the moment (man of every moment?) Kang battles against time itself in an effort to stop all of his careful plans unravelling, glimpsing snippets of events to come as brought to you by a massive roster of talent.

  • APACHE DELIVERY SERVICE #1 - Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins take us to the jungles of 1960's Vietnam, where two US soldiers are on the hunt for a lost treasure that's supposedly guarded by witches. Creepy hijinks ensue! I loved Fear Case, the last book these guys did together, so I'm excited to check this out.

  • MONKEY MEAT #1 - Juni Ba, the creator behind Gosh Best of 2021 title Djeliya, goes a bit more adult for this all new anthology series he writes and draws. All the stories are set in fantastic universe where a tinned product called Monkey Meat is all the rage, fuelling a capitalist nightmare on its home of Monkey Meat Island. It's pretty wild, satirical stuff drawn in Ba's bold, angular style.

  • ELEKTRA BLACK WHITE & BLOOD #1 - Listen, you're not going to believe this: it's a collection of Elektra stories, right, but instead of being in colour, they're in black and white! And red! Which is like blood! Amazing. Okay, snark aside, there's always some gems in these anthologies, so be sure to have a flick through. You never know when an amazing artist or writer is going to pop up!

  • SWORD OF HYPERBOREA #1 - Back, back, baaaack in Mignolaverse time we go! Time to delve into the history of the titular sword that has played so pivotal a role through the history of Hellboy's world, right up to Ragna Rok. Mike Mignola teams up with Rob Williams and Gosh fave Laurence Campbell for this new series.

  • STRAY DOGS DOG DAYS #1 - The surprise horror hit of last year gets a spin-off antyhology mini-series, with each issue telling a tale of one of our main doggie protagonists. Tony Fleecs and Trish Forstner return for some cute, bloody terror!

  • FOURTH MAN #1 - A crime story by Jeff McComsey and Mike Deodato where a pair of detectives attempt to unravel the mystery of three murders, and what their connection might be to two feuding car dealerships. Mystery, murder, and a dash of the absurd.

And that's it! I think! Tune in tomorrow when I'll probably be able to post a list of what's actually coming in! And I'll see you back here next week for more comic-y fun and games (and hopefully a return to some kind of normaility).