Posted by Andrew on 3rd Apr 2021

The Gosh! Authority 08.04.21

Hello, and happy Easter!

The sharp-eyed among you will notice that the date of this email is for Thursday this week, not Wednesday. That's because, as you might expect, the Easter weekend will be causing some delays with shipping. We will be receiving everything on Thursday, and while it will all be available to buy on Thursday, I can't tell you exactly when. Click and collect enthusiasts should wait until at least Thursday afternoon before coming in, and you may just want to leave it until Friday. Mail order requests will also be affected, so if you are wanting your comics sent after this week's delivery, just be aware they probably won't make it into the post until Friday.

Or you could just wait until next week and walk right in to the store! Yes, it looks like everything is on track for non-essential retail to open on Monday April 12th, and that includes us. We should be reopening our doors for the usual 7 days/week from 10.30am - 6pm once again, with all the familiar COVID-related precautions in place. That includes the hand-sanitizer station at the door and mandatory masks in the store (unless you have a valid exemption). Looking forward to seeing you all.

With regard to this week's comics, I'm yet to receive our final invoice for the week, so I'm working off a provisional shipping list. The following is based on what *should* be shipping this week. If there's any changes I'll update our shipped list as soon as the invoice comes through (probably Tuesday or Wednesday).

Right, let's get to it!


  • GEIGER #1 - Image roll out some big creative guns with a new series by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. In the wake of a nuclear holocaust, humanity scrambles for survival in a blighted wasteland. One man is feared above all others in this nightmarish future: Geiger. It looks like Johns is building something big here. He's hinted at a future expansion of this world he and Frank have made, and with his connections I can't imagine that some kind of filmed adaptation is too far off.

  • JIMBO ADVENTURES IN PARADISE GN - A new edition of the long out of print 1988 collection of Gary Panter's Jimbo. Still as fresh and - despite the imitators that came in his wake - unique as ever. Panter's art feels as fresh and urgent as ever, ripe with an energy and willingness to experiment that still puts most comics to shame. It's an intimidating style on occasion, but the real genius of Panter's work is its accessibility. I didn't read Jimbo until it popped up under Matt Groenig's Zongo Comics label, having avoided the Raw/Pantheon edition of this work for looking a bit too arthouse for my tastes. Learn from my mistakes and dip your toes now while this masterpiece is still available!

  • GREEN LANTERN #1 - Green Lantern relaunches with John Stewart at the heart of what promises to be a GL Corps book. This issue introduces us to the newest Lantern, fiery teen Keli Quintela and her powerful, possibly unstable, power gauntlet. Note that I won't be copying the previous Green Lantern series over to this, simply because many people were on that for Grant Morrison. I'll be using Future State Green Lantern orders for it, so if you didn't get that but want the series, or did that that but don't want it, let me know ASAP.

  • ESTHERS NOTEBOOKS SC VOL 01 - Riad Sattouf, best known here for his excellent Arab of the Future series, is actually better known in France for a very different work. Esther's Notebook is a collection of one page strips following the life of a young girl growing up in Paris. Based on conversations Sattouf had with a daughter of a friend, each strip is a week in the titular Esther's life, starting at age 9. Based on her internal monologue, we see her concerns, passing obsessions, frustrations and joys. These books are pretty big in France, with sales of over a million copies and an animated tv series. Happy to see them in English at last!

  • SILVER COIN #1 (OF 5) - A horror anthology mini-series by artist Michael Walsh with Chip Zdarsky, Jeff Lemire, Kelly Thompson and Ed Brisson all taking turns in the writer's chair. Each issue is a stand-alone story of supernatural horror, linked together by the appearance of a mysterious silver coin. Looks promising, with the first issue written by Zdarsky: a 1978-set tale of the cost of fame for a struggling band whose fortunes turn after discovering the coin.

  • NEXT BATMAN SECOND SON #1 - John Ridley, Tony Akins and Travel Foreman unveil the history of Tim Fox, the man who will become Batman during the events of Future State. Why has Tim become estranged from his family, including father Lucius Fox? And how does his future connect to the events of Infinite Horizon #0? So many questions!

  • BEASTS OF BURDEN OCCUPIED TERRITORY #1 (OF 4) - We're headed for Japan in the latest installment of the much-loved (certainly by me) supernatural series. One of the elder dogs remembers a mission in post-WWII Japan, where he encounters tanuki, oni, and all manner of spooky yokai! This one looks to be hitting my sweet spots, and is by the now-usual team of Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer and Benjamin Dewey. 

And that's it for this week, folks! Have a lovely Easter weekend!