Posted by Andrew on 7th May 2024

The Gosh! Authority 08.05.24


No events this week (we're all still recovering from FCBD), so let's look into early next week for a couple of shindigs for you!

First up, Reads, the monthly graphic novel reading group, will be moving from its regular Wednesday evening slot to Monday this month, with a discussion of Kevin Huizenga's superb Curses. The normal 7-9pm times apply. Details here.

And then on Tuesday, 6-7pm, we've got what we're dubbing the TCAF Triple Threat signing, featuring three artists just returned (or passing through) on their way back from the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, which is happening this coming weekend. Luke Healy, Josh Hicks and our very own Will Humberstone will be signing their books for you lucky lot! Details here.

We've also got a launch party with Leo Fox on the Wednesday, but more on that next week!

And lastly, don't forget that the bank holiday weekend means a slightly delayed delivery this week. Comics will be arriving to go out on Wednesday, so look to around lunchtime for everything to be on the shelves (courier willing).


  • BOY WONDER #1 - The unique, excellent talents of Juni Ba as both writer and artist are turned to Damian Wayne in this Black Label mini-series. Freshly adopted into the Bat-family, Damian is dissatisfied with his lot, now just a junior member of the crime-fighting clan. But when Bats is out of town and a supernatural menace rears its head, Damian learns what it means to be part of a team, whether he wants to or not.

  • AIN'T NO GRAVE #1 - Skottie Young and Jorge Corona, the Middlewest team, are back at it with a new series set in the weird Old West. It's your average tale of a woman picking up the tools of her bloody past in order to protect her family. Maybe not the average target though: she's on the trail of Death. 

  • MUGSHOTS #1 - Here's something you don't see every day: a crime comic set in Brighton (back in 2008 to be precise). The city's underworld elements are turned upside down after a kidnapping. The victim: the niece of John Bannan, a man you definitely don't want to mess with. Jordan Thomas and Chris Matthews bring their sordid tale to Mad Cave, who are definitely upping their game at the moment with plenty of interesting new series.

  • TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES BLACK WHITE & GREEN #1 - The Turtles get their monochromatic turn with this mini, featuring the likes of Paulina Ganucheau and Declan Shalvey telling short tales of Turtles action. They don't say if Shalvey is drawing or just writing, but judging by that cover I certainly hope he's doing the former. 

  • CROCODILE BLACK #1 - A new crime thriller by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Somnath Pal (or Som to his friends). A down on his luck deliveryman sees something on a job that upturns his life and sets him on a path into darkness.

  • BLOOD HUNT TIE-INS! - Turns out you folks really, really love blood and guts! Blood Hunt has been the best-received Marvel event we've seen in some time (and I myself will add that it was very entertaining), and they're opening the taps when it comes to tie-in content. Do let me know if you want any of these added to your order, as the numbers on some are pretty tight. This week sees:

  • BLOOD HUNTERS #1 - An anthology series giving snapshots of the vampire-infested Marvel Universe, this month featuring Christos Gage, Erica Schultz, Mark Russell, Bernard Chang, Bob Quinn & Javier Garrón.

  • DRACULA BLOOD HUNT #1 - Dracula buddies up with Blade's daughter in this mini by Danny Lore & Vincenzo Carratù.

  • STRANGE ACADEMY BLOOD HUNT #1 - Given the way the first issue of Blood Hunt ended, you might have expected the kids of Strange Academy to turn up. Back to school with Daniel José Older & Eric Gapstur.

  • GIANT SIZE X-MEN #1 - Ann Nocenti, writer of one of the greatest Angel stories ever in the pages of Marvel Fanfare, returns to Warren Worthington the 3rd (whose initials, I can't believe I've just realised, are WWIII) alongside artist Lee Ferguson for this one-shot story. There's also a reprint of Marvel Two in One #68 in the back for a sweet dash of the Thing.

  • SINGULARITY TP - An odd bird this one: award-winning composer Bear McCreary has masterminded a graphic novel to tie into his first original concept album. Matt Groom writes for a plethora of art talent, telling the story of Blue Eyes, a man caught in a cycle of reincarnation where every life ends in doomed love. But a recurring figure through his lives holds the key to breaking the cycle, if he can just get to him.

And that's all she wrote! See you next week!