Posted by Andrew on 8th Jul 2024

The Gosh! Authority 10.07.24


It's a Reads week! This Wednesday, 7-9pm, London's premier graphic novel reading group will be meeting to discuss Luke Healy's latest book, Self-Esteem and the End of the World. All are welcome, so pop down and tell us what you think! Details here.


  • X-MEN #1 - Here we go! From the ashes and all that, the new era of Marvel's merry mutants starts here courtesy of current Marvel darling Jed MacKay and artist Ryan Stegman. Mutantdom is divided and outcast once again, and Cyclops leads a team out of their new base in Alaska. I'm not going to lie, I'm looking forward to Gail Simone's Uncanny run more, but I like MacKay and I'm all in on the first issues at least of the new X-books.

  • FROM THE DC VAULT DEATH IN THE FAMILY ROBIN LIVES #1 - Turns out people quite liked the "fauxsimile" edition of Batman #428 which reprinted the issue with the Robin Lives ending. So much so that DC have decided to explore the idea a little further, looking at what would have happened next. And while they can't get Jims Starlin and Aparo (RIP) back to do it, we've got some contemporous voices in the form of J. M. DeMatteis and Rick Leonardi on board. They did manage to get a Mike Mignola variant, though, so nice callback.

  • ABSOLUTE POWER TASK FORCE VII #1 - An anthology mini that tours us through the Absolute Power DCU from the bad guys' point of view. Each issue is a stand-alone by a different creative team which sees the Trinity of Evil unleash their living weapons on the DC heroes. First up: the Marvel family, by Leah Williams & Caitlin Yarsky.

  • HULK BLOOD HUNT #1 - The Incredible Hulk team of Phillip Kennedy Johnson & Danny Earls get vamped in this one-shot tie-in. The quest to save Charlie's soul continues, leading Hulk and Banner to a near-deserted desert town with a dark secret hiding under the ground. Just a heads-up, I'm not copying orders over for Blood Hunt tie-ins, so if any of you Hulk fans want this do drop me a line ASAP! Also: digging that Joshua Cassara cover.

  • TMNT 40TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION #1 - Trek through the history of the Turtles in this one-shot that features stories and creators from every era of the Turtles comics.

  • GIANT SIZE SILVER SURFER #1 - It's Terrax vs the Surfer in this one-shot by Mat Groom & Tommaso Bianchi. Always nice to have a little Norrin Radd in our lives! The issue also features a reprint of Silver Surfer #80 for some of that sweet, sweet Marz & Lim Surfer magic.

  • KILL ALL IMMORTALS #1 - Zack Kaplan and Fico Ossio bring us a dysfunctional family of immortal Vikings in this new mini. Erik the Red and kin have survived through to the modern age thanks to dark magics, but now his daughter has decided to get out of the family business. Trouble ensues. 

  • KID VENOM #1 - The Venom of feudal Japan is back for a new series of manga-inspired adventures by creator Taigami. It's 977 C.E., and Kintaro, AKA Kid Venom, is a decent kid. But he's made himself known to a group of symbiotes with a very different agenda, and now he'll have to fight for his life.

  • STAR WARS ASHOKA #1 - Rodney Barnes and Steven Cummings continue the adventures of Clone Wars survivor Rosario Daws---err---Ahsoka in her pursuit of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

And that'll do it for this week. See you next Monday!