Posted by Andrew on 10th Jun 2024

The Gosh! Authority 12.06.24


It's another beautiful, balmy classic summer's day here in London, and this Wednesday, 7-9pm, we have the latest edition of Reads, the graphic novel reading group. This month the book in question is Danger and Other Unknown Risks, the latest collaboration of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl creators Ryan North and Erica Henderson (and one of our best books from 2023!) Come along and discuss/debate/celebrate/eviscerate the book, all are welcome! Details here.


  • HATE REVISITED #1 - The return of Buddy Bradley! Jeez, with this and the final issue of Peepshow a few weeks away, it's time for some serious 90s flashbacks. Literally in this case, as this 4 issue mini flips between the lives of a middle-aged, misanthropic as ever Buddy and Lisa in the present day, and black and white untold tales of their 90s heyday. It'll be nice to get some B&W Peter Bagge again!

  • BATMAN GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT THE KRYPTONIAN AGE #1 - Journey back to the 19th Century DC Universe with Andy Diggle & Leandro Fernández. Not only is Batman pursuing a cat-themed burglar and a shadowy league of assassins, but a crashed meteorite in the Midwest is about to unleash an age of heroes that will change the face of the world. Plus I think John Constantine is going to pop up in here at some point, because that guy just can't keep his sticky beak out of things.

  • REMOTE SPACE #1 - A bit of an unsung hero on The Walking Dead (he did all the grayscale colouring), Cliff Rathburn handles all the creative duties on this sci-fi story. In the far off future, humankind has split into two evolutionary factions: one technological, fleeing to space, and one biological, adapting to a toxic environment. But the future of humanity requires the two to converge again. Rathburn's been working on this for some time and it shows. Worth a look! 

  • GODZILLA SKATE OR DIE #1 - Obscure Godzilla baddie Varan the Unbelievable glides into this mini which continues IDW's trend of giving really interesting creators the chance to tell Big G stories. In this case it's Australian writer and artist Louie Joyce, who gets his skatepunk on. Four skateboarding friends create their dream skatepark only to have it targeted by a rampaging Varan. But are Varan's attentions just happenstance, or is there something more at play? And who's that emerging from the ocean off the Oz coastline?

  • ATTABOY TP - An intriguing-looking project from writer and artist Tony McMillen. Attaboy is a game that Tony has remembered all his life, one that he played over and over as a kid. But nobody else seems to remember it even existed. Was it real? Presented as an instruction manual for the game in question, Attaboy is an examination of memory and obsession.

  • X-MEN HEIR OF APOCALYPSE #1 - With Apocalypse now resident on the throne of Arrako, someone has to ensure the continuing strength of mutantdom on Earth. Who will succeed him? Twelve mutants will compete to take on the mantle of Apocalypse in this mini by Steve Foxe & Netho Diaz.

  • LAWFUL #1 - Greg Pak and Diego Galindo launch an all-new urban fantasy. Set in the walled ruins of our future, our heroes are two young people who are pushing against the strictures of society. But every mistake made causes a mutation, increasingly marking them for their missteps. I smell an allegory!

  • RIFTERS #1 - Brian Posehn, Joe Trohman and Chris Johnson spin a sci-fi cop romp, as two time cops are caught up in an era-spanning serial murder mystery. Expect twists and turns as everything the duo knows about time crime is turned on its head.

  • INTO THE UNBEING #1 - An Australian cosmic horror by Zac Thompson and Hayden Sherman. Two scientists in a remote part of the Outback find a structure, within which lies a strange, potentially dangerous environment, unlike anything they've ever encountered before, AKA "Australia".

  • SCARLET WITCH #1 - Well, I guess this does technically count as a new series, even though it's really just a continuation of Steve Orlando's (very good) run after the events of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Orlando is joined by artist Jacopo Camagni for a story that throws Wanda into world-ending circumstances.

  • X-MEN BLOOD HUNT JUBILEE #1 - Oh yeah, I forgot Jubilee was a vampire for a while! Now her past is coming back to haunt her thanks to the Blood Hunt event, and creators Preeti Chhibber & Enid Balám.

  • TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES USAGI YOJIMBO SATURDAY MORNING ADVENTURES #1 - The classic TMNT / Usagi team-up, only this time told in the style of an 80's Saturday morning cartoon! A one-shot adventure by Erik Burnham & Jack Lawrence.

  • GIANT-SIZE DAREDEVIL #1 - Saladin Ahmed & Paul Davidson go giant-size for a tale of Daredevil being stalked through the streets on Manhattan by the Kingpin, in an issue which also includes a reprint of the classic Daredevil #170.

And that's the lot, friends! See you next week!