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The Gosh Authority 14.10.20

The Gosh Authority 14.10.20

Posted by Andrew on 11th Oct 2020


A couple of things to mention this week: first up is a competition for upcoming Image title Scarenthood, by Nick Roche:

With their kids away on a field trip, a group of parents disturbs an ancient evil buried beneath the old Church Hall, unearthing a decades-old mystery about a missing child, and inviting something... hungry into their lives. Suddenly, their mornings go from playdates and peanut allergies, to a battle for the souls of one broken family - and one child in particular.

Nick has kindly offered to provide an original Scarenthood sketch to one lucky Gosh! standing order customer. Just add the book to your s/o and be in with a chance to win once the book is released on November 4th! To be honest, you should just add it anyway, as it's a lot of fun.

Onto less fun news: you may be aware that last week's shipping delay was down to a burglary at the Diamond warehouse. They got away with the following (presumably in case-loads):

FUNKO Iron Man pop figure PX exclusive however this version will not have a PX sticker attached.
HASBRO Black series 6” ESB Darth Vader figure
HASBRO Black series 6”Clone Wars Kamino CloneTrooper
HASBRO Black series FX Elite Star Wars lightsaber Darth Raven
HASBRO Black series Gamin greats 6” Shadow Storm Trooper

as well as a large collection of classic British comics such as Lion, Smash and so on, a large collection of old war story pocket libraries such as Commando, a signed Taschen Stan Lee book, a full scale Infinity Gauntlet and a life-size Batman statue. So if you have any interactions with the secondary markets for such things, keep your eyes open and let us know if you see anything suspicious so we can pass the info on to Diamond.

And now...the comics!


  • RORSCHACH #1 - Tom King gets his Tom King on with Watchmen's signature psychopath in this mini-series drawn by Jorge Fornés. Set 35 years after Squidageddon, a detective must puzzle out the identity of a new wearer of the infamous mask who attempts to assassinate a political rival to President Robert Redford. Part procedural, part conspiracy thriller and NOT all nine-panel grids! Your moral quandaries around Watchmen may vary (and fair enough to you), but I've read the first issue and it's off to a good start.

  • WARHAMMER 40K MARNEUS CALGAR #1 (OF 5) - Okay, so normally licensed Warhammer comics wouldn't get much notice on the blog here (or indeed much space on the shelves), but there are a couple of notable factors about this one. First, it's just slightly loopy to see Marvel license Warhammer 40K comics, a kind of left-field choice that we haven't seen the like of in some time. Secondly, the writer of this mini is none other than Kieron Gillen, noted comics writer and tabletop gamer who has no doubt played a little 40K in his time. Jacen Burrows is on art duties for this origin story of the legendary Ultramarines Chapter Master.

  • DEAD DUDES TP - Sadly not a new Double+ graphic novel, but we'll take any Ben Sears we can get. Sears teams with writer Christopher Sebela about a group of ghost hunters who find conclusive proof of the existence of ghosts by becoming ghosts themselves. As if that weren't enough, there are a number of ghosts who want a piece of them, and a ghostly apocalypse looms.

  • TRUE LIVES FABULOUS KILLJOYS NATIONAL ANTHEM #1 - Gerard Way & Shaun Simon reboot the Killjoys concept along with artist Leonardo Romero. Mike Milligram remembers the existence of the Fabulous Killjoys after reality begins to unravel. Romero's art looks lovely, but check out that cover and tell me Way shouldn't have got Michael Allred to do this thing.

  • SUPERMANS PAL JIMMY OLSEN WHO KILLED JIMMY OLSEN TP - Just a public service announcement that Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber's playful, excellent mini-series is now collected in full in this TP. 

  • WE LIVE #1 - A post-apocalyptic tale by Inaki and Roy Miranda. Inaki's art is always worth a look, and the ruined landscapes he portrays here are just gorgeous. Earth is doomed, but a message comes from space that 5000 selected children can be saved if they get to certain beacons in time. Teenager Tala escorts her little brother Hototo - one of the chosen - to the beacon, facing unthinkable danger along the way.

  • X OF SWORDS HANDBOOK #1 - You know the drill: it's the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, updated for the modern era. I'm always a sucker for these things, but numbers are limited, so if you want to find out about Illyana's shoe size or Captain Britain's taste in scotch then just drop us a line to pop one aside!

  • DC THE DOOMED AND THE DAMNED #1 - AKA the DC Halloween Special! A grab bag of spooky stories starring a grab bag of spooky heroes, written and drawn by a grab bag of spooky creators!

  • DEVILS RED BRIDE #1 - Sebastian Girner & John Bivens share an obvious love of samurai fiction in this mini-series which spins a tale of honour and revenge.

  • DRACULA MOTHERF**KER HC - A fun, 70's spin on Dracula and his wives by Alex De Campi & Erica Henderson as the good count descends upon Los Angeles after being imprisoned by his brides 90 years before.

And that's it for this week! All things being equal, we'll see you on Wednesday for NCBD!