Posted by Andrew on 13th May 2024

The Gosh! Authority 15.05.24


As mentioned last week, this Tuesday, 6-7pm, sees our TCAF Triple Threat signing! Sadly, however, it's now a TCAF Double Threat, as Luke Healy has gone down sick. Never fear though, as Josh Hicks and Will Humberstone will still be here to trade TCAF war stories and sign their latest wares! Details here.

And then on Wednesday, 7-9pm, we're lucky enough to have Leo Fox here for the launch of his new Silver Sprocket title My Body Unspooling! Get all the details on that here.


  • DOOM #1 - Jonathan Hickman and Sanford Greene collaborate on a one-shot that sees Doom taking on Galactus in an attempt to save the universe. After all, what's the point of Doom-ing if you don't have anywhere to Doom in? Looks like a thoroughly enjoyable one-shot by some top talent!

  • SANCTION #1 - Speaking of talent, Ray Fawkes is someone who always feels perpetually slightly under the radar, but his fans absolutely love him. He's teamed up with artist Antonio Fuso for this Cold War crime thriller set in 1987-era Leningrad. What seems like a routine murder investigation on New Year's Day drags Detective Boris Dimitrovich into a criminal quagmire he might not make it out of alive.

  • AMAZING SPIDER-MAN BLOOD HUNT #1 - It's tie-in time! With all the vamps crawling about the place, of course Morbius was going to turn up. But is he friend or foe? I guess Spidey is going to find out one way or another. Justina Ireland and Marcelo Ferreira already know, beacuse they wrote and drew the thing.

  • GODZILLA 70TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL #1 - A collection of shorts to celebrate the 70th birthday of everybody's favourite kaiju menace / anti-hero. We've got the likes of Joëlle Jones, Michael Conrad, Matt Frank, James Stokoe, Adam Gorham and Dan DiDio are on board, among others.

  • HEARTPIERCER #1 - A new fantasy horror from Rich Douek & Gavin Smith. We've seen plenty of monster-hunting heroes, from Buffy Summers to Cassie Hack to Erika Slaughter. But what if the monster hunter messed it all up and the monsters won? That's the situation for Atala, who was tricked into killing the last unicorn and then got left for dead. She wakes to a world of nightmares, with a thirst for revenge. 

  • SPAWN MONOLITH #1 - A new mini set in the world of Spawn, looking at the origins of the titular Hellspawn, from his earliest days to his first meeting with Al Simmons. Sean Lewis and Valerio Giangiordano are in charge of this one.

  • VALIANT! - Yes, it's a big week for those watching the relaunch of the Valiant universe as an imprint of Alien books, with FAITH RETURNS (by Jody Houser & Aleta Vidal), THE VALIANTS (by Ryan Cady & Al Barrionuevo) and X-O MANOWAR INVICTUS (by Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad & Fernando Furukawa) all debuting this week!

And that's it! See you next week, folks!