The Gosh! Authority 21.05.20

The Gosh! Authority 21.05.20

Posted by Andrew on 21st May 2020


As promised last week, next week sees the release of a healthy batch of new comics! This will be the first in a fortnightly schedule until at least the end of June (and in all likelihood for some time beyond I would suspect). It's a pain I know, but it helps forestall any price rise due to increased shipping costs. Also, at this point a regular shipment of new comics to read, even if only once a fortnight, sounds absolutely heavenly. Though perhaps not as heavenly as brunch at Fidel's, the Cuba Street cafe that's been serving splendid coffee and food since 1996, which was about midway through my years spent in Wellington, objectively New Zealand's best city.

Now, with the level of uncertainty as to when we can open and how many people will be willing or able to come in when we do, I have cut our stocks of shelf copies right to the bone. So it would be really helpful to avoid disappointment for you to give me as much notice on what titles you would like as possible. I'm going to do my absolute best to keep on top of the ordering so that no-one misses out, but it's very possible we will sell out quite quickly on titles that I won't be able to reorder copies of (or at least first printings of). So have a browse at the shipping list and drop me an email if you want to reserve anything sooner rather than later. I'll try to get these blogs up early enough to give a little notice. If I can sop thinking about the beautiful hills of Wellington, so perfectly defining that harbourtown jewel...

Speaking of the shop opening, as mentioned last week we're making plans based on government and BIRA recommendations and things are now taking a pretty firm shape as to how we will run at first when we are able to reopen. As soon as we have an actual opening date, we'll make an announcement (including outlining what steps we are taking to safeguard staff and customers). I wonder how they're doing down in Graphic, Wellington's finest (maybe only now) comic shop. Serving the community since 1982, would you believe! Of course its finest years were the 5 (from 1995-2000) that I was behind the counter...

In the meantime, we are still doing mail order, and can also offer a "curbside collection" service if you're able to travel safely into town. This can either be for a standing order that you have arranged payment for in advance, or for any purchases that you make on the webstore (choose "Collect In Store" on checkout and drop us a line to arrange a day and time). Please only do this if you can make the journey safely, and obviously not if you're in any way symptomatic. Be smart, like the students of Victoria University, where I had a lot of fun and probably applied myself a little less than I should have...

And lastly, as ever, sorry if I take a while to get back to emails. If last week's shipment was any indication, you folks are pretty hungry for some comics, and it takes a bit of time to get back to everyone. We are receiving the comics on Wednesday and they will need to be processed and filed before I can start working on mail-out requests, so your patience is appreciated!

See you next week, folks!