Posted by Andrew on 21st Nov 2022

The Gosh! Authority 23.11.22


Okay, this time I mean it: look for our Best of 2022 announcements this coming week! Just getting the last of the blurbs done now, so look for it soon. Like, before the next one of these at least!

Not much to talk about this week: let's get on with the comics...


  • DOCTOR STRANGE FALL SUNRISE #1 - I'll be the first to admit, this isn't going to be for everyone. Tradd Moore's art has become ever more loose and experimental, pushing well beyond the boundaries of standard superhero fare. But, a) Moore really offers something unique and interesting that I guarantee you people will look back on favourably, and b) what better characater to go full weird on than Doctor Strange? The story? Strange finds himself in a mysterious land of peril and so on, but one look at that cover and you know if you want this! (I want this).

  • RONIN BOOK TWO #1 - Sadly not drawn by Miller (speaking of my love for increasingly loose, experimental art styles), but perhaps Philip Tan is a more appropriate, grounded choice for Miller's return to the world of his underappreciated 1983 sci-fi saga, working over layouts from the man himself. Casey and her newborn son journey across a post-apocalyptic America in this six issue mini from newly minted publisher Frank Miller Presents.

  • ONCE UPON A TIME AT THE END OF THE WORLD #1 - A brand new series from Jason Aaron that will span three books covering the lifespan of its protagonists, with each book drawn by a different artist (Alexandre Tefenkgi on this first arc). It's another post-apocalyptic joint, but happily not too self-serious a one, with some time for humour amongst the environmental catastrophe. That doesn't mean it lacks dramatic chops though, as we follow the relationship of kindred spirits Maceo and Mezzy as it evolves through (and despite) the insanity around them.

  • STAR WARS YODA #1 - I shudder to think how many reviews of this book will start or end with a sentence (or god forbid a paragraph) of Yoda-speak. I'll spare you that horror, and just say that Cavan Scott (a writer whose star is definitely on the rise) and Nico Leon team up to bring you the adventures of Yoda, presented as flashbacks as he lives in exile on Dagobah.

  • ANCIENT ENEMIES #1 - Lest you forget that Frank Miller Presents is also actually Dan Didio Presents (in spirit if not name), Didio launches his new series this week as well, with artist Danilo Beyruth. Superheroes exist on Earth, actually the legacy of a centuries long battle between two alien races. Now as the final battle approaches, the heroes of Earth must take sides, or find some path that allows them to prevent the destruction of the Earth in the crossfire.

  • FEAR OF A RED PLANET #1 - A murder mystery set on the Red Planet, as Marshal Carolina Law investigates the planet's first ever homicide. Mars is ruled by corporate whim, with its miner colonists little more than indentured labourers. It's a powderkeg environment, and Law's investigation might just be the fuse. Looks like a fun sci-fi western.

And that's it for this week chums! See you next time!