Posted by Andrew on 27th Mar 2023

The Gosh! Authority 29.03.23


Another reminder that our Greg will be selling copies of the mighty Dave McKean's work at his Century Club Comica talk with Ian Sinclair this Tuesday from 7pm. The event is sold out, but there's probably a decent chance of returns on the night so maybe worth rocking up just in case. Details here.


  • CLOBBERIN TIME #1 - I am so pumped for this series. Are you tired of talky-talky, ponderous superhero tales where the someone has to overcome their personal demons before they overcome the bad guys? Sure, it has it's place, but don't you sometimes want a book that's wall-to-wall over the top action, wrapped up in one issue (with maybe some connective story tissue running throughout), and featuring beautiful, detailed art? Well, Steve Skroce has got you covered with this Thing-centric miniseries that sees Ben Grimm team up with a different Marvel hero each issue for some gorgeous smack-down fun. First up: Thing and Hulk vs DEVIANTS!

  • AMBASSADORS #1 - Speaking of lovely art, any issue of Frank Quitely interiors is a welcome addition to the shelves. He also brings out the best in Mark Millar, so to have them teamed for the first issue of this new Millar series is a treat. Each subsequent issue features a different artist, but so far the line-up is looking pretty solid. Each issue of this six-issue mini features a different character vying for the honour of representing their country and become one of six superpowered beings worldwide.

  • UNSTOPPABLE DOOM PATROL #1 - More great art! Chris Burnham is working with writer Dennis Culver on this relaunch of the world's weirdest superteam. In the wake of Lazarus Planet, they're on a mission to save those who developed powers in more disturbing, odd ways: the new misfits of the DCU.

  • WALLER VS WILDSTORM #1 - After a bit of delay, this Black Label series debuts at last, courtesy of Evan Narcisse, Spencer Ackerman & Jesús Merino. We're going back to the Cold War '80s for this one, as young, ambitious Checkmate operative Amanda Waller pits herself against the US superhero establishment of Stormwatch. An espionage thriller with a superpowered twist.

  • INDIGO CHILDREN #1 - Curt Pires, Rockwell White & Alex Diotto are behind this new sci-fi story of an investogative reporter on the train of the Indigo Children: a group of kids granted super powers who disappeared 15 years ago. This has actually already been optioned for a series on Amazon Prime, so get ahead of the curve so you can sniffily tell your friends "the comic was better".

  • DON'T SPIT IN THE WIND #1 - Written and beautifully illustrated by Stefano Cardoselli, this tale of future grabage collectors on an Earth ruined by toxic junk looks extremelypromising. Travis and his crew are tasked with clearing the planet of all it's nasty waste so that the satellite-homed population of Earth can safely return to the surface. But everything goes awry when one of his crew members goes missing near a nuclear power plant, and Travis has to mount a search and rescue mission. 

  • STAR WARS RETURN OF THE JEDI JABBA'S PALACE #1 - While I'm sure it'll never reach the lofty heights of Jim Woodring's 4-part Jabba saga from the '90's, anything centered on Star Wars' sluggy crime boss is alright with me. Marc Guggenheim and Alessandro Miracolo take us back to the heady era of Return of the Jedi.

  • AVENGERS BEYOND #1 - Looks like the Beyonder's fashion sense hasn't improved. And he's up to his old tricks, manipulating the heroes of earth for his own inscrutable ends in this series by Derek Landy and Greg Land.

  • IT'S JEFF #1 - Kelly Thompson and Gurihiru's Jeff infinity comics collected together. Fun little gag comics for those who appreciate the sillier side of the Marvel Universe.

And that's it for this week! I'm off to South Africa for a couple of weeks, so Paul will be stepping in to cover the blog while I'm away. See you mid-April!