Posted by Will on 24th Feb 2024

The Gulf and Blind Alley Signing With Adam de Souza

Adam De Souza’s charming and moving comics have been firm favourites here at Gosh! for the last couple of years. An internet sensation, Adam’s charming dark-fantasy meets Peanuts webcomic, Blind Alley, has thousands of fans around the world. Now Adam releases his first full length graphic novel, Gulf. Here’s what publishers Tundra have to say about this debut YA GN:

“Staring down the final days of high school, a group of friends run away from home in order to join a commune in this YA graphic novel for ages 14 and up. Stand by Me meets Catcher in the Rye by way of Skim.

Ever since Oli found a pamphlet for a remote island commune as a kid, it’s all she can think about. Now that she’s nearing the end of high school, feeling frustrated with the mounting pressure to choose a career and follow a path she has no interest in, the desire to escape it all has been steadily increasing.

This YA anti-coming-of-age road trip adventure, by talented up-and-coming comic artist Adam de Souza, captures at once the angst and humor of being a teen during a time of great transition.”

Adam will be in Gosh! on Saturday 30th March, from 1-2pmYou can pre-order signed copies of Gulf and Blind Alley from our website for mail-order or collection by clicking the link here.

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