Posted by Andrew on 17th May 2022

Twelve Percent Dread Launch Party with Emily McGovern

Emily McGovern, the incredibly popular creator behind hit webcomic My Life as a Background Slytherin and the hilarious Bloodlust and Bonnets, is back with an all new graphic novel! Emily will be here on Thursday 16th June, 7-9pm, to launch Twelve Percent Dread!

First attracting attention for her Harry Potter parody webcomic, Emily won the 2016 Observer / Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Story Competition with her entry Bloodlust and Bonnets. Her (sometimes rather literal) skewering of early 19th Century literature (with plenty of vampire fighting action to boot) saw publication as a full graphic novel in 2019, and was an immediate hit. One pandemic later, and we couldn't be more excited to get our hands on Twelve Percent Dread!

"Katie and Nas are best friends, exes, co-dependents. They share everything, including a tiny room in a North London townhouse belonging to their landlord Jeremy, former host of the hit 90s show 'Football Lads'.

While Katie bounces from job to job and obsesses about falling behind in life, Nas has bigger things in mind--waiting endlessly for their visa to come through, while working on a seismic art project that will revolutionize politics and society as we know it. Their friend Emma, meanwhile, seems to have it all figured out--job, mortgage, engagement--yet the long hours working for tech giant Arko and endless wedding admin prove equally dread-inducing.

But when Katie's latest job finds her tutoring the daughter of Arko's formidable CEO, Michelle, and Emma welcomes the eccentric and enigmatic Alicia to her team at Arko, none of the three women are aware that their lives--and possibly the future of society itself--are about to change forever.

Twelve Percent Dread is a fast-paced, laugh-a-page graphic novel about friendship, capitalism, and never putting your f***ing phone away from Emily McGovern, author of Bloodlust & Bonnets and the hugely popular webcomic My Life As A Background Slytherin."

Emily will be here on Thursday 16th June, 7-9pm, to celebrate the release of Twelve Percent Dread with a raised glass, a signing, some good chitchat and maybe even a little speech. Come on down!

Can't come on down but would still like a copy? You can pre-order your very own signed copy for collection or mail order on our online store here.

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