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One of our Gosh! Best of 2019 titles! Julie Delporte's This Woman's Work is a masterpiece. Brought to life in stunning coloured pencil sketches, Delporte ponders the nature of womanhood and of art, interweaving deeply personal anecdotes with wider feminist and literary theory. Delporte writes so sparsely and so naturally that reading it feels almost like breathing, but her work is deep, considered and intellectual in a way that is bound to both resonant and astound. The resentment of womanhood is central to her thesis, and through this lens she examines art, the media and her own past, building up a repertoire of the ways her own femininity has been used against her. Delporte cannot come to a conclusion on how to fix this, but This Woman's Work is a powerful meditation on the complexities of being both artist and woman, and how to love the incompatibility of being both.