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James Harren (along with colourist extraordinaire Dave Stewart) bring us the big action comic of the year, a tale of succession, survival and of course giant people battling giant monsters. It’s true that the last decade has seen the cultural landscape awash with stories about kaiju, the giant monsters that stalk the narratives of Japanese eco-thrillers and bad Western Godzilla adaptations. But Harren proves with Ultramega that there’s still something worth saying in the genre, as he builds a fascinating world and instills it with real heart as we follow young Noah, the child of a late monster-fighting legend, who seeks revenge and the chance to live up to his father’s legacy. It’s a great read that’s a cut above the usual genre fare, but pusher over the top by Harren’s eye-melting art. The pages are filled with colossal battles that are the most impressive city-levelling action scenes this side of Akira.