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A thought-provoking and hilarious romp through time and space from debut creator, Tyrell Waiters that explores what it means to be human in a world fraught with uncertainty.

"This is more than a graphic novel; it's an experience. Imagination, science and adventure weave together into a visual journey that's so fun you won't want it to end." -Femi Fadugba, author of The Upper World

On the edge of burnout, Vern decides to return to his family in the Sunshine State to start over. Starting a new dead-end job as a custodian at Quasar-a local science facility with a shady motive-he shrugs on his uniform, grabs a mop and bucket, and trudges off to clean up… Black holes? Space-time anomalies? Galactic ooze?

Things aren't entirely what they seem at Quasar, and when Vern accidentally plugs in a mysterious machine and finds himself standing on the brink of the destruction of every planet in the Multiverse, he's presented with the greatest question of all: what is the point? Fans of Ben Passmore's personal and political comics-as well as classic sci-fi comedies like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Rick and Morty-will enjoy this world of hyper fantasy with a touch of humor, as told by a Black creator.