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Did reading that title dredge up some long-repressed pain like it did for me? Richard Adams's traumatising, spectacular epic has been beautifully adapted into one of the most stunning comics of the year with the release of James Sturm and Joe Sutphin's Watership Down. Following a group of rabbits on an epic journey in search of home, Watership Down is a classic tale of survival, hope, and companionship, while unafraid to portray the ambivalence and brutality inherent in nature. Sturm has been one of my favourite cartoonists for a long time and I was incredibly excited to see his return with a story already so important to me. His adaptation is deft and respectful of the material, with the accompanying illustrations by Joe Sutphin showing his care and true appreciation for nature and the creatures he's bringing to life. To reduce the book to just the heartbreak and horror many of us remember it for does it a huge disservice; it's a classic for a reason. Go in with that in mind and rediscover this incredible and gorgeous journey.