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Gosh! Best Of 2022

If you've ever said to yourself "I really love Mad Max, but I also love Mr Rogers. If only there was some way I could enjoy them both at once." then have I got the book for you. Meet Fred, a recently activated, life-sized toy designed to be your best buddy ever. He's a beacon of unrelenting positivity who has awakened to a post-apocalyptic nightmare: a ruined world ruled by two two battling tyrants, Lord Bonkers and Papa Mayhem. But Fred knows the answer. If he can just get the two of them to talk to each other, well then they'd have no choice but to be neighbourly with each other. Bonkers and Mayhem both set out to squash this irritant, with extreme prejudice. But they haven't counted on Fred's trump card: niceness. A funny, upbeat and really joyously hopeful little gem.

From the author/illustrator of Fangbone! and Goodnight Goon comes a zany and hilarious graphic novel that shines a light on the humanity inside all of us---even if you're a robot.

He's a super-nice kid in an ultra-mean world.
He believes even the worst people are good inside.
He'll always be there for you... even if you boot him out of your castle, pit him against a mechanical giant, put him on top of a pole in a lightning storm, and trap him in a booming dance party that lasts all night long.
He's Your Pal Fred.
In a brutal world far in the future where only the savage survive, a life-size toy suddenly activates. Fred was built to be a best buddy, and his relentless kindness never fades, even when everyone else is rude. Determined to make the world a better place, he has the bright idea to talk the two most powerful and battle-hungry warlords, Lord Bonkers and Papa Mayhem, into being friends. It's a mission doomed to fail, unless Fred can find a way to inspire everyone to play nice!