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A stunning biography of an Olympic champion who many consider to be the greatest runner that has ever lived.  Jan Novák & Jaromir 99 tell the story of Emil Zátopek, the only man to have won gold in the 5,000 metres, 10, 000 metres and marathon in the same Olympics (Helsinki, 1952). All the more amazing for the fact that he only decided to compete in the marathon at the last minute, and had never run one competitively before. The book covers his life from his first meeting with Dana Ingrová (his soon-to-be wife who would also be a gold medal winner in Helsinki) through to his landmark achievements. He was an outspoken figure, a supporter of the democratic arm of the Communist Party who wasn’t afraid to stand up for what he believed was right (and for which he paid a heavy personal and professional price in the wake of the Prague Spring). Oh, and he also originated interval training and hypoventilation training. A hell of a book about a hell of a guy!