Posted by Andrew on 1st Aug 2022

The Gosh! Authority 03.08.22


We've got one of those signings this Saturday. The kind where you sort of pinch yourself because the line-up is pretty unreal. This Saturday the 6th August, from 1-2pm, sees Brian Bolland, Mick McMahon and John Wagner - bonafide legends all - here for what we could only call our Summer Super Signing. It's sure to be crazy, so don't miss out! Get all the details here.

But first, this Wednesday sees the release of Golden Rage #1, and writer Chrissy Williams and colourist Sofie Dodgson will be here from 6-7pm that evening to celebrate its release by signing your copies! The book is also our top pick this week (featuring art by Lauren Knight), a kind of Golden Girls-meets-Battle Royale affair as older women are abandoned on an island to see out their later years locked in a struggle for martial supremacy. Get all the details for the signing here.

Some good news: late last week we announced our new pricing structure for new comics as beginning on the 1st August. Well, I'm happy to say that we've decided to absorb the first week of the increase and push the implementation of new prices back to Wednesday the 10th August to give as many folks as possible the chance to clear any backlog before the increases come in. 

And with that, let's take a look at what is coming in!

HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK (other than the aforementioned Golden Rage #1)

  • NEW CHAMPION OF SHAZAM #1 - Mary Marvel, stripped of her powers, is feeling motivated to get on with her new, normal life when she's approached by a talking rabbit who tells her she is the new chosen champion of Shazam. A new mini-series by writer Josie Campbell and (and here's what pushes this to the top of the list for us) artist Evan Doc Shaner, who brings his elegant, clean, pleasingly retro style to proceedings.

  • EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #1 -  Once again we travelling into the various worlds of the Spider-Verse, meeting characters both familiar and new in short stories by a huge collection of creators. The only catch this time is that it's all leading to the end, setting the stage for the recently announced Dan Slott-penned series that's going to finish what he started with all these alternate universe Spideys. 

  • SWORD OF AZRAEL #1 & SWORD OF AZRAEL DARK KNIGHT OF THE SOUL #1 - Gosh fave Dan Watters brings Jean-Paul Valley out of retirement, as Azrael must rise again to defend a young woman who has undergone the same conditioning he had from a group of assassins. The six issue mini-series features art by Nikola Cizmesija, as does the one-shot Dark Knight of the Soul, which collects the recent Azrael stories from Batman Urban Legends that set this story in motion.  

  • BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT PRESENTS RED HOOD #1 - Another tale from the world of the White Knight, this time following the fate of Jason Todd (the original Robin in White Knight) after his torture at the hands of the Joker. Rebuilding his life as an uncompromising force for justice, he finds himself embroiled in a battle over East Backport, getting a partner in crime-fighting of his own along the way. Sean Murphy and Clay McCormack write, with Simone Di Meo on art.

  • DEMON WARS IRON SAMURAI #1 - Peach Momoko begins the next phase of her unique, mythical, feudal Japanese take on the Marvel Universe (the Momokoverse?) Mariko is drawn into a war between monsters (all of whom posses rather familiar power sets), and must decide whether to choose sides, or find another way to bring it to a conclusion. 

  • DEAD LUCKY #1 - A new hero for the Massive-verse, the shared superhero universe that began with Radiant Black. Bibiana Lopez-Yang is San Francisco's electric-powered hero, trying to bring some justice to a city torn between neo-fascist corporate governance and a powerful street gang. Writer Melissa Flores is joined by the art team of French Carlomagno & Mattia Iacono.

  • SURVIVAL STREET #1 - A band of children's edutainment characters fight for a better life in a post-apocalyptic world that has been carved up by greedy corporate interests. Mad Max meets Sesame Street in this mini that I think might just be trying to say something. James Asmus & Jim Festante write, Abylay Kussainov draws.

  • FRANKENSTEIN NEW WORLD #1 - Mignola's Frankenstein returns, now an oracle in the post-Ragna Rok world. A girl among the human survivors that live in the Hollow Earth has a vision of a new evil rising on the planet's surface, and enlists Frankenstein's help to investigate.

And that's it for this week! See you next time!