Posted by Andrew on 15th Apr 2024

The Gosh! Authority 17.04.24


This Thursday, 7-9pm, sees the launch party for Isabel Greenberg's latest graphic novel, Young Hag! It's a brilliant book as Isabel (who is upstairs painting us a lovely new window as I type) takes on Arthurian myth with a modern twist. Details here.

And did somebody say "Hey, what are you guys doing for Free Comic Book Day?" I'll tell you what: heaps, mate! Heaps! You can get the full run-down of what's happening on the 4th May here. Fancy a breakdown? Here we go...

From 10am - 1pm will be our ever-popular kids drawing table with the usual hour-long slots featuring different guests.  Get the details here.

Then from 1pm - 2pm we've got Hilda creator Luke Pearson in to sign his books (including a zine collection of his early works we're publishing just for the occasion!) Details here.

At 2pm - 3pm we welcome legendary Guardian cartoonists Tom Gauld and Chris Riddell for a signing! Details here.

And to cap off the day we have a signing with an awesome trio of Kieron Gillen, Dan Watters and Ben Wheatley! Details here

Come on down, it'll be a blast!


  • ROXXON PRESENTS THOR #1 - Al Ewing gets satirical with this Immortal Thor spin-off. Ewing and artist Greg Land help introduce us to the Roxxon Comics line, where the very environmentally-minded (just like his employers ROXXON) Thor needs to bring crazy environmentalists to heel when they've just gone too far!

  • DUDLEY DATSUN AND THE FOREVER MACHINE #1 - A time-hopping adventure from Scott Snyder and Jamal Igle, featuring a young man and his canine companion who become the target of some cosmic baddies. Looks like a fun little sci-fi adventure comic.

  • 7174AD #1 - Collecting together bits and bobs from across Ashley Wood's career, with writing contributions from T.P. Louise. A good chance to remind yourself just what a great artist Wood is, and how endearingly weird most of his creator-owned output has been.

  • BLOW AWAY #1 - Zac Thompson and Nicola Izzo collaborate on a crime thriller set in the wilds of Northern Alaska. While on a job on Baffin Island, a wildlife photographer witnesses a distant act of violence that may well be a murder. Looking to invesitage further, her search for evidence may well make her the next victim.

  • LOVE ME A ROMANCE STORY #1 - Don't Spit in the Wind artist Stefano Cardoselli brings his Ted McKeever-esque style to a story by writer Francesca Perillo. It's just your classic sci-fi tale of robot-meets-girl-who's-entangled-with-the-mafia.

  • GIANT-SIZE HULK #1 - A one-shot Hulk story by current Incredible Hulk scribe Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Andrea Broccardo. While riding the rails across the USA, Hulk runs into Hulk-ish trouble. Also features a reprint of Incredible Hulk #372.

See you next time!